Dec 25, 2018

書丹與我 Story of Sutan and me

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婚姻真是前世就註定好了,我說她嫁給了我,就像一朵鮮花插在牛糞上, 她卻說:「有機肥不是更好嗎?」
I think marriage is destined from the previous life.  I told her with me she is like a rose growing in a manure pit; she said she likes organic fertilizer.   


I was struck with polio before I learned how to walk.  I’ve always felt that the ground beneath me was uneven.  On top of all of this I deal with severe osteoporosis on a daily basis.  My bone density is only a quarter of what it should be and as a result  I have experienced 13 major and minor bone fractures, since 1999.     I am on a medication that I have to inject myself daily to stabilize this condition.  At 53 years old (in 2012), I suffer urinary incontinence, muscle atrophy and post polio syndrome. As a result, I fall frequently.



If Life Could Be Redone...

It might surprise many people, but without hesitation I would say “NO”.  I don't want to exchange any part of our encounter, falling in love, understanding and cherishing each other for a pair of healthy legs, immortality, or Bill Gates' wealth.   Without her my palette only has black and white.

憶兒時,當鄰居同齡的小孩在嬉戲奔跑時,我總喜歡拿筆塗鴉,但是我的圖畫卻總是醜不拉嘰,記得我五年級時在美術課上還得過全班最差的 「丁」 而被笑,連老師也說我是在鬼畫符,如果連我都能當畫家,那麼有誰不行呢?

When I was young, unlike other kids who could run around and play, I was limited in my activity and chose to draw instead.  However, my drawings were poor.  In grade five, I even got a "Ding”, equivalent to "Fail", for one of my drawings.  If I can grow to become an artist, who cannot?

小時後我最怕的,是看到調皮的小孩子學我走路,和叫我「跛腳」,不全是為自己難過,,是不願見爸媽為此心裡流血。上了國中,學校較遠,我克服先天缺陷學會騎腳踏車上學,但每到上坡路段,較弱的那隻腳,怎麼也踩不動,只能改由僅靠較好的右腳單腳推進,踩了半圈就馬上退回原點再依樣循環,不斷的快速反覆、來回推進,齒輪鏈條間因受到反覆地撞擊而發出了刺耳的 「卡--卡--卡」聲,偶爾也會有調皮的孩子 「卡--卡--卡"」的在我旁邊模仿著,然後突然加速,從我旁邊大笑的一呼而過,我總是將羞辱鎖在內心,繼續我的 「卡--卡--卡」我在心中告訴他:「你的腳雖強,踩的只是單車的踏板 ; 我的腳雖弱,踩的卻是命運的輪盤,只要我不停下來,一樣可以達到成功的終點。」

I was ashamed of myself when some naughty kids were mimicking my funny way of walking or calling me a cripple.  I didn’t want to have my parents share this pain.  In grade seven, the school was much further than my previous school and therefore I taught myself how to ride a bicycle.   With my disability, learning to ride a bike was extremely challenging.  On steep hills my smaller leg was too weak to peddle.  I had to muster all of my strength I had  using only the better leg to peddle one side of the crank back and forth.  As a result, my peddling would make an irritating Ka, Ka, Ka sound.  Every now and then, while I was struggling up a hill some mischievous kids would ride beside me imitating my Ka, Ka, Ka and suddenly zoomed by with mean laughter, which echoed in my ears.  I looked forward, as if nothing had happened.  I locked the humiliation in my heart and carried on my biking without forgetting about the mocking I received.  A voice in my head told them "I know you are fast.  Go ahead and laugh but I won't stop.  I will show you even a turtle can get to the finish line.

My first girl friend

我會!   但是... 當時我......比死........ 還難過!  

If you like to go to school, would you, at age 15, give up your education and start working as a locksmith to support the family?  I did.  But, at that time, I wished I was dead. 

我國中時曾是全校最好班級的模範生,無奈家貧,國中畢業就含淚輟學,踩著一輛沒速可變的破舊腳踏車,一大早就來到三峽擺攤配鎖,下午再到鶯歌 「續攤」,晚上也不知靠什麼力量,騎上山鶯路大斜坡再回到桃園。一上床,較好的那隻腳一直抖著、抖著,另一隻則變成暗紫色,奄奄一息,貼在床上。

 In grade eight, I was chosen as the model student amongst the grade. Earning scholarships for every term became routine.  Due to the difficult family financial situation, the tenth day after I finished my grade 9 courses, in tears, I dropped my education and became working as a locksmith to help my Dad support the family. (with the skills I learned in my childhood from my Dad.)  

Every morning, I rode my heavy single-speed clunker to Sanshar. In the afternoon I then rode to Inge, and in the evening I rode back to Tauyung, where we lived.  Three hours of bicycle ride a day may not seem too bad for a regular person, but to me it seemed worse than a marine soldier’s training. When I got home, the "good" leg (both of my legs were affected) was panting as if it had been out of breath and the weak one was stuck on the bed showing no signs of life.   Until this day I still don't know how I managed to make it up that killer hill.  


He who knew us would say "Why would my parents let such a boy quit his education and start working at this age?  But, I voluntarily   chose to give up.  I didn't want to see my parents struggle in our then very difficult financial situation.  I told myself, "work hard and look up to myself, one day I will be successful, with or without high education."


At age 15, when others are still sheltering under their parents' care, I carried the family burden on my shoulder.  This was the end of my childhood and it began my lifelong never-regret path.


Later on, my aunt, who lived in Sanshar, invited me to stay with them.  This finally ended my days of “military training”.  Business was slow, so four months later I move to Sulin.  It was better due to a larger population.  In the day time, I constantly worked to improve my locksmithing skills and at night I tried to pursue my seal engraving abilities.  I would offer  very cheap prices for some high end horn seals in order to earn more chances to work on more advanced techniques.  I worked till 1-2 o'clock in the morning every day.


To save the time and expanses for travelling between our home and work, with the landlord's agreement, I built a shed behind their outhouse.  In the winter  here wasn't anything to stop the wind. (It did't have walls not to mention a door).  In the summer, it stunk like hell.  To make it worse, sometime when I turned around in that tiny 3'x6' plywood bed and pushed a gap between the mosquito net and the bed......( When a bouncy of mosquitos which hovered in the outhouse and a dirty ditch next to my bed, met a dog-tired boy, You know what happened, don't you? )

17歲時,當時有一種來自芬蘭的機車鎖,打出了廣告 「打得開賞五萬」,我在家自行試開成功多次以後,爸很興奮的陪我去挑戰,很遺憾地我失敗了,當然我現在要打開它是太簡單了,但當時的失敗,卻受了極大的打擊,不過很快地我又站起來,而且更專注於各種鎖具,和萬能鎖匙的研發。

When I was 17, there was a motorcycle lock from Finland offering NT$ 50,000 for people who can pick it.  After a few successful tries at home, excitedly Dad took me to challenge it.  Regretfully, I failed.   Although it seems so easy for me now, at that time I was greatly discouraged. Fortunately it didn't set me back for long.  I refocused and dedicated myself to invent more skeleton keys and lock picking methods. 

多年來,我瓦解了一種又一種的所謂「保證無法破解的專利鎖」,打開了無數的金庫密碼鎖,配了數不清的名車、名鎖。全台都有許多我的學生和徒弟開的店,也都是當地頂尖的師父,連著名的天才 「警官開鎖大師」——謝文苑警官,也慕名前來取經開鎖之道,及各種萬能鎖的應用,他不愧是開鎖奇葩,一點就通舉且一反三,在公務之暇自行練習,並將之傳承於中央警官大學,造福國家令人敬佩。我所研發的,汽車終結者」開車工具,幾乎能打開全世界百分之九十五以上的車輛,專業的教學帶及萬能鎖匙,不僅在台灣,連大陸也有許多山寨版,專利工具「GM終結者」更連我當時在學齡前的孫女都會使用,能輕易瓦解美國汽車界巨人,通用汽車公司最引以為傲的側面檔板鎖,這種自1960年代使用至今的名鎖,如今也黯然的被迫淘汰。

In those years I defeated, one after another, so called unpickable patented locks, opened  numerous safes, countless luxury cars and name brand locks.  Many people came to learn from me.  Most of my students and apprentices became the most respectable on their skills in their areas  among them the famous genius high ranking police officer,  Shieh, who deserves his name for being so competent on picking locks and teaching the know hows at the University of Policemen to combat crime.  One set of my vehicle open tools can open  almost 95% of all cars.  Many duplicates of my  tutorials and tools are found in China and Taiwan.  A set of my GM lock picking tool is so easy to use, that even my then preschool granddaughter could use it to open a GM car.


When I first came to Canada I walked into a big locksmithing and supply shop in Vancouver.  While chatting, a customer walked in with a Kawasaki motorcycle lock to have the keys made.  After finding no information for this lock on the computer the head technician said it was complicated and asked him to come back two days later.  After the customer was gone, I showed him my methods.  In less than one and a half minutes later his jaw almost dropped to his chest.


In 1997, I was invited to give a speech and demonstration on how to use some simple tools to open some complicated locks for professional locksmiths at Kaushong International Trade Centre.  I accepted the invitation; for not wanting my skills to go buried with my retirement.  There were so many locksmiths from all over  Taiwan.  One of the staff  almost got struck because people thought he was budding in a line.

我出版的一本專業鎖匠的工具書「葵花寶典」,解析並破解了全球百分之九十以上的汽車鎖, 我也開發出一種汽機車鎖匙讀取機,只要將讀取板插入鎖孔,就能將鎖齒判讀出來,再由配鎖機複製出,一把與原裝一樣好開的鎖匙,一番天人交戰考慮之後,因恐造成社會安全問題,決定不想開發生產。

My locksmithing book, Quewha Manual, is one of the most comprehensive book for vehicle locks.  I even worked out a device that can read a lock and then cut a key accordingly.  Considering the bad consequences this tool might cause to the society if it becomes accessible to the thieves, I decided not to produce it.

Although only had an education of grade 9, I published 3 professional locksmithing books.

我的技巧及萬能鎖具,也很不敢當地,為我在業界贏得開鎖之父的謬稱。或許真的是人怕出名,就在前年,很多人或許還有印象,當時在電視及報紙上,喧騰一時的 「樹林萬鎖之家,配鎖老店的萬能鎖匙被偷」的社會新聞,當時竊賊進入後,連抽屜内的錢也不拿,目的只是我特製的開鎖工具。

My name was so well known in Taiwan that even on the media they call me Father of locksmithing. Unfortunately, this resulted in having my shop broken into. The thief took only my tools and didn’t even bother with the money in the drawers.


I am a perfectionist.  In my dictionary 99% means "Failure".  You probably have the experience that key duplicates sometimes don’t work as well as the originals.  Locksmiths never put the wear and tear and the slight deviation caused during duplicating into consideration. On the other hand, I compensate all the possible deviations so my keys work very well if not better than the originals.

我要求所有學生,在將一支鎖匙配好交給客人之時,一定要有一種自信——「這隻鎖匙回去如果不能開,你拿一瓶農藥來,我敢喝下去!」雖然很誇張,也有點像一句玩笑話,卻是勉勵他們對自己的信心和對工作的負責。我現在偶爾回台灣時,有時技癢也會親手配幾支鎖匙,有些不認識我的客人,難免會慣性的問 「回去能開吧?」我會告訴他 :「如果不能開,你先去買一張樂透彩劵再回來,因為我配的鎖匙不能開的機率比中樂透還低。」配鎖匙在一般人的心目中,只是一個路邊的小行業,不過我都會勉勵我的學生們,「配鎖,是最應受人尊重的行業!當然絕大多數的人是不會當小偷的,但如果他們也一樣能開鎖時,是否還能把持的住呢?」鎖匠們能輕易打開大多數的鎖,非但沒有為非作歹,還知足認真地賺著蠅頭小利,服務社會您說不叫人敬重嗎?

I ask all my apprentices to have the following concept in mind----- “Before  giving a key to your customer you must be so confident that if it doesn’t work, you would drink a cup of weed killer.”  It may sound like a joke or saying, but behind it is my expectation and encouragement for them to build up their confidence and work ethic.  Sometimes when I go back to Taiwan and visit my apprentice’s  shop, I like to cut a few keys just for fun.  If a customer asks “Will it work OK?”,    I reply “if it doesn’t, you should go buy a lottery ticket.”   I am confident that the possibility of this happening  is way less than getting a winning ticket. 

 I took over the family business from my Dad’s hands.  Gladly Sutan and I, we made its sign into a symbol of quality in the field.

A poem engraved on barlin stone.

在我精進鎖技的同時,我並沒有放慢對篆刻藝術的追求腳步,我勤習正、草、隸、篆、行書、鐘鼎、石鼓、甲骨等各種字體。 19歲時有感於書畫本是一體兩面,為了加強繪畫能力,我參加了一個短期的身障者職訓課程,向知名愛心畫家柳青松先生學畫,猶如命運之神牽引一般,書丹也在同一天拜他為師,成為我的師妹,到如今我自己都還搞不清楚,到底是我的哪門法寶擄獲了她的芳心,只是在我初次見到這天真無邪的小女孩時,第一眼就知道我永遠無法移開自己的目光了。  (唉!或許那個中人法寶的人反而是我才對吧!)

While working on my locksmithing skills I continued to pursue the art of engraving.  I learned many styles of ancient Chinese characters.  In order to have better artistic concept, at age 19, I went to learn how to paint.  As if guided by the God of fate, Sutan and I enrolled on the same day.  Till  this day I don’t know which magic trick of mine enchanted her to fall in love with me, but at the first sight I knew right away she was the one for me.  My eyes were never able to move away.  (Perhaps I am not the one casting spells.)

My Snow White

這天我們隨老師到鼻頭角寫生,我趁著空檔找她到海邊散步,就在我們認識的,第七天零三個小時,邪惡的我,終於向這位只有16歲,毫無涉世經驗的純真女孩,使出了不入流的伎倆,我告訴她 :「我們走在海邊,我比較容易跌倒,是否可以讓我 (1)牽你的手,還是 (2)摟你的肩呢?」 無邪的書丹想了半天,尷尬地選擇了牽手,多年後我們在回味此事時,丹兒嬌羞的說:「臭宗哥!騙小孩!!」(我總是愛鬧她,才得此「臭」名) 當時有如雪花般清純的她,竟然不知道還可以有第三個選擇——「都不要」 好險!

The class had a field trip to the North East Coast and  I took a chance  and asked her to walk with me on the beach.  Right on the third hour of the seventh day after we met, the evil me started his dirty tricks on this naive girl.  I told her "I might fall over the sandy beach.  Can I   (1) hold your hand    or    (2) put my arm around your shoulders?”  Shyly she chose to hold hands (It was still conservative in those days in Taiwan). Years later, when we were reminiscing this episode she was still embarrassed.  Innocent and pure, like new snow, she didn’t know there was a third choice, "NO".  Lucky me!

隔年我終於在排除萬難之後,牽著書丹那雙,雖柔弱卻堅定的小手走上紅毯。也誠摯的希望在此公開我的把妹密技之後,能夠幫助殘障朋友們,降低一點單身率,和替國家提升一點人口出生率。 (而且保証會上鈎的,都是善良的好女孩!)

Eight months later, after  her parents’ minds  were at ease,  I finally held Sutan's soft yet determined hand and walked down the red carpet.  
I showed my trick on how to chase a girl here.  Hopefully it can help increase the opportunity  of finding the right partners among my fellow physically challenged men.     ( I guarantee you the girls who take the bait are kindhearted ones.)

日前整理照片時,看到這張餓虎撲羊的相片,不禁聯想到美女與野獸,真是一朵鲜花插在牛糞上,夾著人字拖,又穿的像流氓,也搞不懂當初她是看上我那一點. 唉!如果我是她老爸,當别人問我 ---- " 這樣的一對,相配不相配? "    我的答案肯定是------ "呸"

Beauty and Beast


With her help, I could focus even more on the work I wanted to do.  Some patterns and even landscapes started appearing on my seals.  After years of painstaking work, as opposed to using ancient styles, I started to create my own font.  It became highly sought after and eventually became one of the industry standards.



Seal of Cloud Nine Angle

一般人刻印章每種字體,都只有一個固定的字形,每個姓陳的客人來,這個」陳」字的刻法都相同,其實這是不對的,就如同只做一種尺寸的衣服,要給所有不同身材的人來穿,這樣除了少數剛好合身的人之外,大多數人穿上一定不會好看。反之,我的印章字形則是量身訂做,會因為這枚印章中的其他字的不同,而使得 「陳"」的刻法也不同,也就是所謂的「牽一髮而動全身」。

Seals represent one’s signature in our culture.  Even if you go to a bank in person, if you don’t have the original seal, which you used to open the account, you cannot do anything.  It is not only a highly regarded form of art but also an important article that one can’t go without.

Seal of Mother of Heaven


Finally my name in engraving had widely spread and my work was highly recognized in my country.  I won myself the greatest honour to engrave seals for many religious Gods.  Many temples, celebrities, and corporations came to me.  Regardless of the fact that I had many capable assistances by that time, many of the customers only wanted me.  I started to engrave only the ones that I enjoyed doing.  At this time, I was no longer doing locksmithing by myself anymore.

Another Seal of Cloud Nine Angel 

在二十多年前我刻印鑑的工錢,每個字就要一萬元,一個印章刻下來,往往就要數萬元,曾經有位剛退役的年輕人,省吃簡用,吃了數個月的泡麵存錢,只為了獲得一枚我的作品,他來取印時我得知此事,就將印章送給了他,我怎捨得收下,一位如此喜歡我作品的年輕人,這麼辛苦所存來的錢呢?我很熟的一位作品收藏者,曾對我的篆刻下了一個註解 「一字萬金,萬金難求」我盡全力將所有工作,要求到盡善盡美,永遠謹記爸對我的教誨——「做別人的工作,學自己的功夫」。

The prices of my work were a lot higher than the average prices charged at other places at that time.  A young man liked my work so much that he even ate instant noodles for months trying to save money to buy my work.  I gave him the seal after learning this because I didn’t want a man, who loved my work so much to live on instant noodles.  I am flattered that a major collector of mine once commented on my work “ Pricier than gold, and rarer than gold”.  I always remember what my father told me,  "While doing good jobs for others, you are learning good skills for yourself."

 這些印章只有1. 5公分大
These seals are about the size of a penny
The landscape one consists of two seals printing together


My carving work, out of a thin piece of solid material, all together 108 links. Every link is free of moving. Originally, there were a pendent. To my greatest regret, one of my apprentices broke the link between the chain and the pendant. It was done when I was young. Back then, I was trying to create art work to challenge the national treasure art collections in the Grand Palace Museum.


I submitted three pieces of my engraving works to enter an FCA Print Show.  I was told before that it doesn’t matter how good one’s works are, no more than two pieces can be accepted.  Happily they were all in the show.


During the early stage of our marriage,  we worked 18-19 hours a day, 7 days a week except for a 4-day off for Chinese New Year.
All three of our children were wonderful.  They were sweet and well-behaved.  Otherwise, this would have been, "mission impossible".

A make me up game  


At age 33 and at the peak of my profession, although I had many outstanding assistants already,  many customers still wanted me to perform the work personally.  Being under tremendous pressure for so long, I decided to retire and move to Canada.  From then on I could enjoy pursuing my hobbies and interests and not have to worry about the pressure of work.


My immigration application went very well.  The officer went through my paper work in no time.  Actually he spent more time enjoying my work album. 

Our first snow in Canada

After settling down, the kids went to grade school, Sutan took ESL class, and I decided to skip ESL and jumped directly into high school courses.  It was difficult but I could finally continue my childhood dream of pursuing my education.  It felt good to become a full time student again.

兩年半很快的過去,書丹完成了大半的成人高中課程,我則像瘋狗似的,跳級完成了高中和大專課程,在將我的工作經驗,折抵成部分學分後,只要再36個學分,我就能擁有企管碩士的學位。然而,這時的我卻突然覺得夠了,就算拿到博士學位又如何?如果為了生活所需的英語,我那時的語文能力就算要上法庭與法官辯駁應也夠了,於是我決定再次放下書本,但是在那之前,我一定要再將國貿的 「市場管理學」再拿一次,因為在那兩年多的日子裡,我所有的學科都得A,至少也有A-,只有這一科我拿了個B+,如果留它下來,我想這輩子都將會有如芒刺在背的感覺,最後我用了一個 "A+" 來盡雪前恥,不過或許會令人不解,我竟然沒有到學校,申請重發一份拿到全A後的成績單,其實我在意的根本不是那張記註著所有學科,都得到 "A" 的單子,而是我心中這一張追求完美,自我要求的成績單。

Two and half years passed.  Sutan finished most of her adult education courses.  I finished not only my high school equivalency courses but completed a college diploma in marketing and some other courses as well.  With my previous experience of owning my own business, I was giving credits towards my MBA and only needed an additional 36 credits to get an MBA degree.  Surprisingly, I decided to not complete my MBA.  However, before I quit, I wanted to (or more correctly, MUST) take Marketing Management course again.  In those two and a half years I scored, mostly A's,  except for this one course which I received a B+.  If I let this pass, it would be like a thorn in my eye for the rest of my life.  I avenged myself with an A+.  Surprisingly I didn’t go to the school to have the updated transcript issued. I didn’t do it for the physical report card, but rather the one in my heart.


 Now the kids are all grown up.  Albert is a very hard working realtor. He is so gifted with languages that in high school he skip grade for Japanese courses, and is fluent with four other languages.  After we moved to Canada, in order to improve his English, he never spoke Mandarin with other Chinese schoolmates.  He was in a radio interview and his Cantonese was so fluent that people actually thought he was from Hong Kong.  He had s great daughter, Angelina, who is very talented with writing and giving speeches. At 4 and as the youngest, she attended this story telling contest and won the first place, leaving all the other 7 and 8 year olds behind and from then on she has entered many speech contests and doesn't know what the second place feels like.  She is so independent and adventurous that since 8 she has been travelling by herself between Canada and Taiwan every year.  Somehow I see myself and my son in her. 

My son, Albert and granddaughter, Angelina 

老二曉嵐和我更是同一副模子印的,連個性也一模一樣,既浪漫又有正義感,她有過人的運動精神和毅力,訓練時就算在嚴寒的風雪中也毫不懈怠,真令我不捨.。她參加三鐵、喜歡攀岩、游泳、踏車和競走等,高中時更是競走國家代表隊的一員,經常到各省及美國等地為國爭光,有一次她回到台灣,我們在省民公園散步,看到一群人正在攀岩,她一時技癢也想攀爬,我也不知她的程度到底算怎樣,就請教練多加關照她,想不到在牛刀小試之後,教練竟然 :「她比我還強呢!」她的個性既然像我一樣,當然也是拼命一族,能力強到令外國老闆激賞不已,每天都在公司把自己累才回家。兩年由一位建教合作的工讀生升為經理,一年多後又再升為整個公司的總經理,洋人老闆也是愛烏及屋,每次一提到我們台灣人,都豎起大拇指。她很幸運,所嫁的白人老公,把她當成掌上明珠,令書丹與我倍感欣慰!

Sharon is exactly a chip off me.  She is romantic, humorous, mischievous, hard working and determined.  In our dictionary, there is no such word as give-up.  We like to finish jobs beyond expectations. We were born with a mouth as sharp as a knife and a heart as soft as jelly. We are stubborn in many cases but we reflect on ourselves afterwards.  She is like a winged horse, hard to rein but once you know how, you can ride it in the skies.  She is very sport minded and with a big heart.  She even raised money for charities on her own wedding. She works so hard at work. It makes my heart break every time I see her come home late and ate nothing for the day.   Alex, her husband,  is very intelligent, sweet, caring, thoughtful and most importantly loves Sharon as much as we do.   

Sharon was a tough member of Wildcat field hockey team.

小女兒云翎則是三人之中,唯一傳承有我和書丹的藝術細胞的一位,她畢業於極負盛名的艾美莉卡藝術大學,雖然不大,卻是一所超難進去的學校,錄取率約只有百分之三~五,比台大更難進去呢!她在讀小學時,就展露了藝術的天份,作品曾多次在鹿湖美術館和教育局展覽,她同時也具備有書丹的細心和體貼,隨時都替人著想,有一次她回台灣,我和一位從小就很疼他們三兄妹的愛徒,帶她去三峽祖師廟玩,當我要替他們照相時,云翎稍微半蹲著腳,在我重覆兩三次要她站直後,說:「你只要照上半身就好了呀!」這時我才恍然大悟,原來她在穿上高跟鞋後,幾乎和這位哥哥一樣高,貼心的她這樣做,是為了讓哥哥日後在照片中,更顯得高大威武,真是有其母必有其女.......  她的老公是一位電腦專家,耐心、博學多聞又顧家,真是很有福氣的一對。她己是两個孩子的媽媽,两個小不點都很可愛,每次我們一離開她家,書丹就又開始想他們了。

Lyn is the only child that shares our artistic interest.  She graduated from Emily carr University of Art and Design. Her work were displayed at Deer Lake museum and Burnaby school board for many times when she was in grade school and high school.  She has Sutan's sweetness and thoughtfulness.  Years ago when visiting Taiwan, we went on a trip with one of my apprentices who was very close to my children.  While I was taking a photo for them, she didm't stand straight but had her knees slightly bent.  After I repeatedly asked her to stand properly, she said "Please take only the upper part of our bodies."  I suddenly realized that with high heels on, she was almost as tall as him and  she wanted him to appeal tall and handsome in the photo. like mother like daughter, What a pair of sweet angels!  her husband is a programer and my personal computer specialist.  He is a very patient and knowledgeable man who puts his family above himself.  They are now happy parents of two little cuties.  As soon as we leave their house, Sutan start to miss them.

Lyn, the youngest

This painting is a birthday present for me from Lyn when she was at high school. 

Three beauties 


While we were enjoying the best life, one can only dream of, I experienced a shocking nightmare.  In 1999, at 40, I broke my femur and wrist within six months of each other.  The doctor found out I had severe osteoporosis.  To make matters worse, I fall all the time.  My happy bird, Sutan, kept trying to console me  and would put on a brave face. However, I spotted some grey hair sneaking out.


In 2002, since the kids were all grown up, Sutan and I decided to move away from the city.  We found a beautiful property in Pitt Meadows, a rural area 30 minutes away from Vancouver.  With all my love, I built this house for my beloved wife.  
I call it --- Sutan of Crystal Dew.

加拿大的建材和工資貴得嚇人,工錢一天要一萬元台幣左右,我怕遭到偷工減料,又想將最好的獻給愛妻,且受限於有限的預算,最後我決定自己親自來蓋。我鑽研了當地的建築法規,讀了一大疊的土木工程書籍,畫了80多張的設計藍圖,看了一大堆的施工教學帶,又花了五年多的時間親手一磚一瓦的完成了這項工程。這段期間內因為工程上的攀上爬下,我又經歷了9次的大小骨折,書丹雖不捨卻也無法阻止我的決心,完成後我將這座莊園取名 「書丹白露」也用她來做為我們三十多年來始終不渝的愛情做見證。(建造書丹白露的故事,請看我的另一篇——書丹白露的文章,或是我的自傳——《追光勇士》)

It’s expensive to build a house. Especially I wanted to  give her the best I could afford.  Due to the limited budget, I decided to build it by myself.  I studied architectural books, construction books and Dvds.   We had chosen the furniture first and planned the architectural design accordingly, so by the time we filled in the interior we would have no regrets.  In five years, with mostly my own hands, nail after nail and brick after brick, along with 9 bone  fractures, I finally completed my dream home.  Sutan of Crystal Dew is my way of showing the eternal love for her.

The second day after I broke my leg, my friends carried me to the construction site.  Even if I had to crawl, nothing could stop me from continuing my work.

隨著工程的結束,我提起了年輕時為了生活不得不放下的畫筆,我的想像畫作品<書丹灣的夕陽>在加勒伯廸的年度畫展上,在九十多位會員畫家的票選中得到七十幾票脫穎而出,所有的報紙,海報和邀請函都是以它為封面. 正當我要將將全副的心力用於加強繪畫的各種理論和實際技巧,而更上一層樓的時候,很不幸的,我的父親被診斷出肺癌,才畫了兩個多月的畫,又再一次的被我擱下,我和書丹拋下了加拿大的一切回到台灣陪他老人家度過人生的最後一程.

After I finished the house,  I picked up my painting brushes, which I had put aside during my career as an engraver and locksmith.  My first painting, "Sunset over Sutan Bay", was chosen by the member artists to be the showcase piece. It was printed on all the advertisements, invitations, posters, and newspaper for the Garibaldi Art Club annual show.  While I was greatly encouraged and was hoping to spent more time in improving and pushing my painting skills farther, unfortunately, my Dad was diagnosed for lung cancer, I had to drop the brushes which I picked again for only two months.  We dropped everything and went back to Taiwan to spent the last stage of his lifetime with him.

Sunset over Sutan Bay



我的作品在一年內入選8次全國比賽,奇蹟式的破紀錄在一年之內,贏得申請為聯盟的高等會員資格。2012年聯盟在北美舉辦的年度秋季沙龍展,我用一幅自學後第三幅的作品 <排排站>,在無數來自全加拿大的畫作中贏得傑出作品奬,同年2月,我直接提出聯盟中金字塔頂,屬當代大師級的資深簽名畫家申請,為了宣揚我們的中華文化藝術,我捨棄油畫而用篆刻的作品參選,心想若有幸能通過時,將可與許多我所景仰的當代世界級大師,如美國的油畫家協會現任會長----Neil Patterson以及人像大師Clement Kwan等人平起平坐,共同在一些FCA所舉辦的國家級和世界級的大賽中當評審,除此,在我心中還有一個更大的夢——篆刻是全世界佔五分之一人口的中國人一項流傳數千年的藝術,但卻未受到世界藝壇的太大注目,篆刻成就了我,而我對它也有著强烈的使命感,希望有一天也可以讓篆刻站上世界的大舞台上,為我們華人爭光。

,After Dad passed away, I applied for and was accepted as an active member of the FCA (Federation of Canadian Artist).  In order to improve myself, I set a goal to paint 100 pieces in 100 days.  Some friends began with doubts in their minds, yet ended with the urge to see what painting was going to be for tomorrow.  Again, thanks to my determination I was able to prove to them and myself I could do it and at the same time improve my skills as an artist.
In 2011, my works were accepted in 8 FCA shows.  It was very exciting that in only 12 months, I reached the FCA 's requirement of being qualified to apply for signature member status. In 2012, my work, "Line-up", which was the third piece I did in my painting career, won an Award of Excellence at the FCA Fall Salon competition.  Feb. 2012, I decided to apply for the SFCA status with my Seal Engraving works, hoping to introduce this traditional Chinese art to the western world.  Chinese, represent one fifth of the World’s population.  However, seal engraving, which has been around for thousands of years, doesn't receive enough attention and recognition in the Western World.  Seal engraving has helped make me who I am today, and I feel bound with the responsibility to show it to the world.

Godess of Yiau Pond


Unfortunately, it didn't turn out as I hoped for.  At the FCA Board of Governors meeting, the SFCAs in attendance gave my work positive comments but felt they didn't have  enough knowledge on this type of art to give me a fair judgement, so they refunded my application fee and suggested that I use my paintings instead.

我改以油畫作品再一次提出高等會員的申請,没有意外地,我順利的當選,我的作品正式的受到主流繪畫藝壇的肯定,同時也獲得加拿大畫家的最高榮譽,全世界只有極少數的畫家擁有參賽權的Spilsbury Madel Show大展的殊榮。天呀!終於爬到這裏了,但是我下定决心,若不能也將篆刻藝術推上世界的藝術舞台,絶不罷休!

I used my paintings to apply for the AFCA status again, and excitedly I was accepted this time.  I also have the chance to enter for the Spilsbury Medel Show and qualified for becoming a jury for shows.  Thank you God! I am finally here.

幾天以後,我的作品<叢林果汁>又在加拿大 2013年,全國靜物展得到第二名,雖然得來不易但我只高興了一天,就如我的白人親家母所言:「我是不會妥協於第二名的人」,對我來說在一人之下和在萬人之下又有何兩樣?同年的秋天,我的另一幅畫<燭光之夜>,又在全國秋季沙龍大展中,連續两年的得到傑出作品奬。雖覺慶幸,但考慮到我的病和有限的時間,從此我每天三點多就起床作畫直到深夜,時間對我來說太寶貴了!就在此時,當我在畫<吉星高照>時,我發現了一項色彩轉換中的奧妙,從此我在用色上,更加揮灑自如,這幅畫絕對不會是我最好或是最喜歡的畫,但絕對是我此生最重要的畫之一。

A few days later my work, "Jungle Juice" won the second place award for the Still Life Show.  I was so excited but this lasted only for one day.   I don't settle for second place.  There was still a long long long road ahead of me.  Three months later my work "Candlelit Evening" won the Award of Excellence in the Autumn Salon Show again. From then on I worked even harder.  I started painting at around 3:00 AM every day till late in the night because I didn’t know how much time I have left to paint before Alzheimer and muscle atrophy came to haunt me.   During this time I also found a secret about colour placement and this has helped me a lot.

Jungle Juice

我和書丹曾一起學了三個多月的油畫,她最愛我作畫,是我創作的泉源,我會珍惜有限的時間,更加努力讓她高興。除此之外,其實我還欠已故總統經國先生一個承諾,在1978年時他曾來參訪柳青松老師的愛心畫室,當時經國先生在所有學員中,只和我握手,對我的作品特別的嘉許,並問我有何志向,我當場告訴他老人家:「有一天我也要學老師一樣,教殘障者作畫。」如今雖不知時間是否允許,不過....只要我...... (唉!愈來愈不像我了!)(註:我終於在2018年3月,實現了這個諾言。)

Sutan is the source of my creativity.  She loves seeing me paint.  In my limited time, I will do my best to make her happy.  In fact, I still owe the late president of Taiwan, Mr. Chiang Ching-Kuose, a promise.  I learned how to paint from Mr. Liu Ching Song, a famous artist who has a great heart and voluntarily gives free lessons to  handicapped individuals.  In 1978, while in power, the president visited our painting class.  Among all of the students, he liked my work the most and only shook hands with me.  He asked me what I wanted to do in the future.  Without thinking, I told him I wanted to be like my teacher and teach handicapped people.  I don’t know if I still have enough time, long as I ... (Gee whiz! I am getting not like myself.)


Till this day, I still remember clearly this neighbour grandpa like giant.  His kind smile makes me strong, and his cordial handshake  makes my heart warm.


I am so lucky to live in Canada and have the opportunity to see many old and modern masters' works.  I highly admire and respect people who are better than me.  As for people who are not, I like to help them, if I can.  However, for the ones that are about at the same level as me, I enjoy competing and growing with them.  I love the FCA.  It provides me a wonderful opportunity to learn and grow.  I am a born fighter.  With my Ka, Ka ,Ka spirit, I climb over any mountains that lie in my way.  Thinking of this, my heart starts to pump faster............Almost forgetting about my uncertain future.

這裡對我真是再適合也不過了, 在聯盟2000多位來自北美及世界各地的藝術家中共分四級——初級贊助會員、積極會員、再來是為數極少的高級會員,和在金字塔頂端的當代大師級資深簽名會員。對我來說,還有甚麼事能夠比可以過關斬將,一步一步向上爬升的感覺更好呢?帶著上天賦予我的那雖然慢,卻不需加油且永不停止的 「卡--卡--卡」,哪座山擋了我,我就爬那座山!哪條水阻了我,我就涉哪條水!想到這裡,熱血又沸騰了起來,幾乎忘了我那不確定的未來。


Sutan is in fact a lot more talented than I am.  I often say she is the real artist, and I am just a technician.  I work hard for it, but she was born with it.  Yet, all she wants is an ordinary life, standing behind me, looking after me, and being there for me.  It is a pity she isn't motivated to paint.  Perhaps it is a good thing.  Otherwise I might  want to compete with her all the time. Ha Ha!  She gave up her teen-age dream on painting only to give me opportunities to pursue what I wanted to do.  I really hope she can start painting again.

2014 年我的作品<水果龍船>第一次為我入選 2014 年度世界寫實大賽,三年多來我的作品總算是首度獲得世界級的肯定,這一年真是我豐收的一年,我的另外三幅作品同時全部入選Spilsbury Medal Show,這真是最高榮譽中的最高榮譽了,同年 Holland America的遊輪執行長,船上專訪我並在遊輪上展覽我的作品。

In 2014, My work, Fruit Dragon Boat, was accepted in the Annual International Representational Show.  This was the first time my work was recognized internationally. Later on, to my greatest honour, all three of my works were all accepted in the Spilsbury Medal Show, which meant all of my works were on a respectable level.  In October, the cruise director, Mr. Rick Barnes, of Holland America's cruise ship, Ms. Staterdam, interviewed me and showcased my works on the ship.  

2015年我的作品<大吉大利>再次為我在全國秋季沙龍大展,奪得第二名,這也是我四年多的繪畫生涯中,第四次在全國比賽中得獎。幾天以後好消息再度傳來,我的作品<青葡萄與小蕃茄>入圍了2015 年度世界寫實大賽,在創作此畫時,我更在摸索中領悟出了一項從此將改變我的畫,並能使之更上一層樓的訣竅,我自己將它取名「追光」(我喜歡亂取名,哈!),這幅畫得獎與否,似乎已沒那麼重要了,因為我已經給自己頒一個獎了,(世界性的大賽果然是人才濟濟,這幅畫後來還真的無法擠進前三名,也失望不已,還說得將與否不重要,好一個口是心非的傢伙,哈哈!)(後來我也將這幅畫改名<追光>,來感謝它對我的啟發。)

2015, my work, Auspiciousness, won the Second place award in the FCA Autumn Salon show. This is my fourth award on an national base in four years.  A while later a good news came again.  my work, Grapes and Cherry Tomatoes, was accepted in the International Representational show again.  While working on this piece, I discovered a new technic in painting lights.  I call it "light chasing".  It dramatically changed my painting.  All of a sudden, getting an award with it doesn't seem so important anymore because I have already given myself an award.  

在自學的這幾年來,我一次又一次地發現許多色彩及光影間的奧妙,及使用的技法,也經常發現一些用色上明明顯而易見,但別的畫家卻視而不見的地方,所以我時常警告自己這個不太靈光的腦袋「千萬別忘記,否則不會原諒你!」 我期許自己,希望這些繪畫法門有一天也能出現在教科書裡,哈哈!我也知道這會笑掉大家的大牙啦,唉!管他的,反正我全身都壞光了,做一個夢總還可以吧?

In the last few years, I have found many secrets about lights and colours, I told my confusion little mind "Don't forget them, or I won't forgive you because they are going to be in a text book for the future generations." Haha! I know, but what the heck, most part of my body is already falling apart why not dream when I still can?



In many of my paintings, I have Sutan's nick name hidden somewhere in them for the viewers to look for, adding more interest to it while viewing my works.  Where I sign there is also fingerprinted with my DNA in it.  I wish one day people would want to imitate my works and to view my works in a museum.  I like to daydream to deceive myself into this kind of impossible rose garden, otherwise, how can I  pull myself out of the warm bed 3 or 4 o'clock in the morning during cold winter nights?  With this pair of shaky hands who knows how much more time I have left to paint?  I really hope I can create more paintings for Sutan and many more others to view.

My solo exhibition


September 2015, the eleventh month of the fourth year after I started painting, I had my first solo exhibition in Vancouver, dedicating it to my beloved Sutan.  It turned out to be a great success with many people wanting to buy my works and many other more hoping to take my lessons, among them an art teacher who had already given lessons for more than 20 years.  That was very encouraging for an artist who had painted for less than five years.  However, I had a unfulfillable dream, the art teacher who failed my drawing could come to my exhibition.  I was sure he would have been proud of me.


In the meantime, I joined the West Canada Taiwanese art association.  The group show was right after my solo, and my paintings were hung in a darker spot.  My paintings are classic style which has a darker overall value scheme with the benefit of a stronger value contrast.  However, if it is not well lit the vibrancy of colours suffers.  Seeing all the intense colours fade I started to drift in deep thoughts...


That night I didn't go to bed.  Actually I couldn't because my mind was on its full throttle trying to figure out the reasons and solutions for it.  At dawn, the room was still dark, but suddenly, my eyes, which were all red from not having a rest, shone with sparks.  I saw the piece which I painted with my newly invented "light chasing" technique shine in the dim surrounding.  I was weeping and crying with sorrow.   No, that was joy!  My "light chasing" technique ended to be the solution for classic paintings' hundreds-of-year-old  problem when displayed under dim light.  Oh! My God!  Did I really do it?


我對著窗外發瘋似的喊著:「嚴榮宗!雖靠自學,讓你自己開天闢地 吧!.............」

With tears all over, I once again told myself, no pain no gain.  I yelled loudly at the dark sky like a mad man.  I screamed to  myself, Louis Yen although self-taught let you be the pioneer of your own painting universe!

2016年3月13日,我生命中好重要的一天,我顫抖著對天長嘯,啊......直到聲嘶力竭,在我繪畫生涯的第五年又五個月,我終於獲選為"SFCA" 也就是加拿大藝術家聯盟,金字塔頂,當代大師的身份,這也是聯盟70多年來第一次將此殊榮頒給一位繪畫才五年的台灣畫家,我成為全國及世界性比賽的指定評審,參加FCA全國比賽,作品終生免審核,我也進入聯盟的管理核心,有權建議並主導聯盟的政策制定,這是我這輩子最高的榮耀,爸爸,您的在天之靈,都看到了嗎?兒子在西方人的世界,用他們最擅長的油畫,虜獲了他們的心,您一定會以我為榮吧!

Mar. 13, 2016, one of the most important days in my lifetime.  I shrieked at the sky until my voice could come out no more.  In the fifth month of the fifth year of my painting career, I received the SFCA status, Senior signature member of Federation of Canadian Artists which is the highest recognition and the most prestigious title among Canadian artists.  I am now a member of jury for all the FCA shows nationally and internationally.  Dad, in heaven, have you seen all this? your son is in western world, using western traditional art, which they are best with, to capture their hearts.  You are so proud of my, aren't you?



我至今從不知走在平路的感覺是如何,也因此,常人的所謂「坎坷不平」  卻是我的「家常便飯”」,我的一生不斷築夢圓夢 ㄧ身的各項技術幾乎全靠自學,我告訴自己做什麼就要像什麼,面對困難時,從不會放棄,遇到挫折時,只會更堅強。雖輸於起跑點但憑著打不倒的毅力披荊斬棘從騎樓擺攤的鎖匠到國際性的畫家充滿汗水絕無僥倖



書丹所有的一切都與我相反 我凡事都追求完美吹毛求疵,她則是油麻菜籽隨遇而安。剛強的我一輩子用盡辦法都無法改變她的個性,我發瘋生氣時她會像一株小草,不管狂風如何吹襲,只是隨風而偃。


書丹的個性只有在童話故事裡才找的到她會和我們種的花講話鼓勵它們快快長大有時不小心折斷了花枝還會疚地向它們道歉對人永遠只窩心和讚美的話30年來我從未看過她生氣也未聽過她講人閒話或口出惡言唯一的一次她所極勉強可算是難聽的話是 「衝什麼碗」(搞什麼名堂)善良純潔的她竟也為此後悔自責了好幾天

這個來自星星的女孩到凡塵時行囊中只帶著 「喜」 樂」人間的「怒」哀」在她身上根本不存在如她知道怒」為何物為什麼每當遇到不合理的事情我氣得半死時她能毫不生氣且為人找台階下她將我爸當成自己的父親孝順到讓我這個做兒子的都汗顏若她知道人間有哀何以當爸過世我哭得死去活來時她又能如此沈著冷靜的安慰我加拿大的油畫原料貴到讓我厚塗時都心生不捨賣畫也沒收費教學生每次買原料時都打亂她當月的預算但人間的煩惱似乎對她也不起任何作用



當我們在外面購物時她都不要我幫忙提東西因為她 :『男人提大包小包的不好看那是女人的事』,其實她只是希望我能輕鬆的逛街在家時我從來不洗碗不會自己洗澡不知道自己的襪子在哪裡不會用洗衣機只需茶來伸手飯來張口 她唯一的嗜好就是  「寵我!」

Sutan's personality you can only find it in a fairy tale.  She talks to our flowers, welcoming them to the world and genuinely apologizes to them when sometimes accidentally breaks a twig.  She always talks sweetly and  speaks complimentary words to every body.  In thirty some years of our marriage, I have never seen her get angry, or use abusive language.  Once she said "darn" and she blamed herself and regretted for many days.  When we are strolling or shopping, she doesn’t want me to help carry bags.  She says for a man to do that looks awful.  (What an illogical reason!  I think she wants me to relax and enjoy, period.)  At home, I don’t do dishes, don’t bathe myself, don’t know where my socks are, don’t know how to use the washing machine.  She apologizes to me when I miss taking my own pills because she feels that is her duty.  The only thing I have to do is to drink the water she gives and to eat the food she serves.  Her only hobby is to SPOIL me. 


My memory is getting worse.  As a result it is almost impossible for me to remember her birthdays and anniversaries, but she doesn't care; according to her, everyday is like an anniversary day to her.  She doesn't have and doesn't want any name brand clothing or bags.  For many times I wanted to buy for her, but she said I was her unique, one of a kind name brand luxurious bag. She is very generous to family and friends, but thrifty to herself.  Many of her clothes are over 30 years old.  She mends her socks again and again not wanting to throw them away.  Sutan seldom puts on make-up or buy any product to pamper herself.  Even if some odd times she does, she goes to Costco to buy inexpensive ones.  She has sensitive skin and needs special products.  It ended that I had to handcuff and take her to the department stores to buy for her.  After coming home she said “sorry I spent so much money.”  Nowadays, I have learned that the best way is not to ask and buy directly for her.

2013年時,我們發生一次車禍書丹右腿的人工髖關節因而鬆動也因此她必須要再動一次手術當時我請教的律師:「如請他們處理最少應有七到八萬加幣以上的賠償。」書丹卻選擇私下以兩萬多元與他們和解只因她不想與人為了身外之物走上法庭結下惡緣若是從前的我一定會硬要她告到底但現在我卻寧願讓她做她自己書丹永遠是那麼的樂天知命對人對事都只看好的一面記得有一天我們開車前往温哥華連續4個紅燈我看著前面的車輛通過自己卻都只差一步被擋了下來真是氣得牙癢癢的書丹卻安慰我説 :「這樣我們不是可以連續4個綠燈都當第一了嗎?」

She is a content and optimistic happy bird.  Sutan always looks for the bright side of things.  Lately, while on our way to Vancouver, we were stopped by 4 red lights  in a row; the cars before us made it through.  I was very upset by this incident.  She smiled at me and said, "isn’t it wonderful that we have four opportunities in a row to be the first vehicle?" 


When one is in a poor mood, she is the most sympathetic listener.  Sometimes it is actually my own fault, but She never corrects me right on the spot.  She wants me to think of her as a garbage bin and dump all the unpleasant feelings in.  Every time after talking to her I feel much better.

不論對她支持我所做的任何決定就算是她所不願做的事也一樣在我們搬到加拿大十多年後我才知道當初她其實是不想移民離開台灣的又記得2008年金融海嘯前我貪心地大量加碼投資她很罕見地:「我們可以不要嗎?」 我在事後賠光老本悔恨不已時換做人一定會抱怨她反而窩心的安慰我:「有錢就多用没錢就少花有什麼關係呢難過了。」對這位下凡的天使叫我不愛之入骨嗎?

No matter right or wrong she supports all my decisions even for things that she doesn’t like or  doesn’t feel right.  Not until 15 years after the fact, did she tell me that she didn’t want to move away from Taiwan.  Before 2008 financial crisis, I thought the market was good and greedily increased my investment.  Oddly Sutan asked “Can we not?”  Afterwards when I was regretting, instead of blaming, she consoled me with  sweet words. It makes me want to cry.  How can anyone not love this angel?


Recently my muscles are getting weaker and weaker.  Even brushing my teeth is difficult for me.  Sutan has to look after many tasks I used to do.  I should be the one to be blamed on because I was too carried away and made the yard too big. Aging and the vicious  sun have left many wrinkles on her face, but in my eyes she is always the same angelical 16 year old girl who I met decades ago. 




We never have had a quarrel since we met.  But don’t accredit this to me.  How can a perfectionist not be picky and critical.  I simply can’t start an argument, with her.  It takes two to have a fight, doesn’t it?

In the decades of our marriage, except for the everlasting love to her,  I actually went through four different stages.  For the first ten years, I tried to influence her to get rid of her perspective of “good enough", and in the second decade I gradually understood and accepted who she is.  The following ten years, I’ve come to appreciate and love her qualities, and now half way through our forth decade, I wish I could be like her.  I admire and respect her.  How can someone be so flawless?

雙魚座的我是一個極浪漫的人走到哪都愛牽著那雙從認識第七天零三小時至今永遠不變的溫暖小手無人私語時我最愛的是 :『丹兒我愛妳』。書丹則從來不會把愛掛在嘴上但她的舉手投足間那滿滿的關懷和愛又豈是言語筆墨所能形容的我曾問她 妳是否對我下了蠱毒否則我怎會愛妳這麼深?” 


A pisces, I am a very romantic man.  It doesn’t matter where we go.  I like to hold her hand, which has never changed a bit since the third hour of the seventh day after we met.  When nobody is around my favourite words are “Tan Tan I love you.” She, on the other hand, never says something like that.  However, the love conveyed through her every move is beyond description.  
I once asked her “Did you cast a voodoo spell on me; otherwise how can I love you so much?”   
“Stinky Jung, I didn’t” , she defended with a flush on the face. 
“I know you did.  I beg you....please.......I need a stronger dosage!” 

At Lake Louise

之神像是妒嫉沉浸在幸福之中的我最近我因急速的記憶衰退和肌肉萎榮總檢告出晴天霹般地我同患有大及小的萎密切地每三月接受一次磁震造影的描追連榮總的名也只能策地要我保持目前的生活方式直到……直到什 ???

Satan must be jealous of us.  My memory has been deteriorating rapidly.  The MRI shows I have cerebellum and brain atrophy.  The neurologist wants to monitor me closely.  However, there is not much they can do now, until... until what???

???有好多好多的事要和丹一起去做去看聽濤去包水去傻笑去 ................

Why? Why? Why?????? There are so many things I want to do with my Tan Tan, to see the clouds, to listen to waves, to share our feelings, to make dumplings, to smile for no reason to ...

位傻女孩年17就不家人朋友的反心下嫁這個當時一文不名的小子微不至的照料穿陪我工作到天明陪我唱晚霞滿漁”、陪我吃泡陪我陪我 ..........................................唉



This innocent girl, at age 17, went against her family’s will and married a then poor, handicapped man.  Throughout our marriage, she looks after me down to the very last detail. She gets up to cook for me in the middle of night, when I suddenly feel hungry, ties my shoe laces, works through the nights with me, sings with me, eats instant noodles with me, laughs with me, ...alas!
This love, this courage, and this confidence in me, how can I ever repay her?   Ooh! God, how can I become such a burden for her?
I am so afraid that one day I will wake up and no longer know her.  What am I going to do?




When nobody is around, I tell her more than thirty times a day, 
“ Tan Tan I love you.”  
The first words I tell her every day is “ Another beautiful day,  happily I woke up by my Tan Tan.” 
The last words of a day is “Tan Tan, I am going to come to you in your dreams” and then with her hand held walking into our dreams. 


Let’s fly in the sky wing to wing.  
Let’s stroll on the ground heart to heart.
If there is a conclusion in the world, there is no end for my love.
丹丹兒如果有來生如果妳在一個海邊如果有一個男孩問妳是要 ——1 牽妳的手 還是2 摟妳的肩時,請妳一定、一定要選1



Tan Tan, if there is a next life, if you are on a beach, and if a boy asks you  “Can I   (1) hold your hand    or    (2) put my arm around your shoulders?”, You MUST MUST choose (1).

Originally, I wished to live with Sutan for all the days of my life, on the third hour of seventh day of 100th years after we first met, holding her hand again, saying good bye to this though-tough-but-filled-with-sweets life.......... 

In next life it is my turn to spoil you.


I'd like to share our story to everybody here.  Perhaps one day, I will no longer remember this bumpy yet beautiful life.  By visiting here, hopefully I can remember and re-reminisce this everlasting love of Sutan’s and mine.

If you like our story, you are welcome to share it with your friends.  Thank you for visiting.

As the time goes by, I will periodically update our stories.  You are welcome to come back and check on us.

For more of our stories, you can also find them in my biography, The Light Chaser.



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